Ristorante in Lavagna

insalata di polipo e gamberi antipasto di terra

I can’t remember the name of the restaurant that we went to with my in-laws in Lavagna, which is a crying shame because the food was fantastic. This is where they go every Saturday for lunch, which says a lot, because since my mother-in-law is such an amazing cook, she tends to be fairly difficult anytime we eat out.

We started out with an antipasto, I had the insalata di polipo con i gamberi, which is boiled octupus and shrimp which are cooled and served with a lemon dressing as a salad. My husband had the antipasto di terra, which was served with salami, pancetta and a few fried goodies, a fried dough mixed with onions, chick peas that have been mashed into a pulp and fried, fried potato croquettes and other things that I wasn’t able to distinguish!

risotto di carciofi e speck panzotti con salsa di noci

For our primi, my husband had risotto with speck and artichokes and I had panzotti with a walnut sauce, panzotti are similar to tortellini and generally filled with swiss chard and ricotta cheese. The panzotti were amazing, and abundant.

fristo misto cotoletta

Not that I had any room left, but as our second course, I had the fritto misto di mare with calamari, shrimp and scampi and my husband had a cotoletta milanese with fresh tomatoes. The fritto misto was wonderful, I wasn’t interested in tasting his cotoletta, but he seemed pleased with it.

We did not dive into dessert, there wasn’t any room left and we all waddled home to fall asleep on the couch after this enormous meal.

~ by italicious on December 18, 2008.

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