Merenda Napoletana


A month long hiatus, I didn’t think it would go on so long, but the preggy brain has taken over and I have been completely flat. Out of town as well, a few days with the in-laws in Liguria with no internet access, and three weeks in Atlanta with Oma and Opa, regressing back to being a kid while reeling in my three-year-old. Morale della favola, Italicious collected dust for a whole month, cruel, I know.

Now on top of the fog of the pregnant brain I have been recovering from jet-lag for the past week. Not an easy task when said three-year-old wakes up at midnight and stays up until 2 or 3AM. Last night was our first full night of rest and I would feel a failure if I didn’t even post these delicious pictures.

P1340935 P1340936 P1340939 P1340941

This is a merenda napoletana, a Neapolitan snack, or so says my husband. It is a classic, fried green peppers, not our bells, but long skinny sweet peppers, with a little tomato fried with them, stuffed into a long roll where the crumbs have been removed. Our lovely neighbors brought the peppers over for us to try, along with a two liter water bottle of their own olive oil. Neither my husband nor I can really eat peppers, allergies and digestive problems, but we couldn’t resist making these delicious sandwiches. I made them early in the morning and let them sit, soaking up the oil for a few hours before bringing one to my husband for lunch.

Reminds me of a story about MFK Fisher who made warm sandwiches by sitting on them for an hour. I bet they would be that much more delicious after being smushed by a warm butt!


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  1. Welcome back to the blogging world, Virginia!

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