Signs of Spring

It sounds like Dracula’s castle outside, with cold blustery winds that would knock my two year old over, so we’re still bundling up to go outside and doing what we can to stay indoors, but we are finally getting a glimpse of the arrival of spring. Wildflowers, almond trees in bloom and a lot more sunshine, which we have all been in need of.

My daughter recently started school, which is exciting, but pretty overwhelming for her. She has the good fortune that her papà is Italian and has been speaking to her in Italian since she was born. She has also always heard the two of us speaking it to one another, even though we tend to mix it up a bit, an entire sentence can go back and forth from English to Italian 4 or 5 times, but my point is that it is a language that she has always been exposed to. She is still shy to say the Italian words she knows to anyone but us, so even though she is only 2, I imagine it is frustrating to be even more limited in her communication, when this whole business of communicating with words is so new to her in the first place. She’s a tough little cookie and seems to be adjusting just fine.

She is “home” with me on Wednesdays and one of the things that she has loved doing is taking walks in the countryside surrounding the hotel and picking wildflowers. Last Wednesday was perfect for a little walk and we found some gorgeous wildflowers, many of them looked like miniature orchids and irises. It is amazing how nature can create such complexity in something so small as a flower.

We should be out of the hotel this coming weekend, I will miss a lot of the lovely people who work at the hotel, they have really made us feel at home here and I will miss all of the beauty that surrounds this place, the Mar Piccolo, the ancient olive trees and the beautiful flowers that bloom in the most unexpected places. I do look forward to my new kitchen though and finally a place to call home.

One Year Ago: Agnolotti al Brasato & Penne with Roasted Tomatoes and Fennel

Two Years Ago: Squash and Chickpea Moroccan Stew

Three Years Ago: Farfalle with Salmon and Fennel, Soba Noodles With Tofu, Shiitake Mushrooms & Broccoli, Pesto & Gemelli with Fennel & Bacon

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