Panettone Gastronomico

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It is 2014, the holidays are finally over and it is time for a fresh start. 2013 sucked, please excuse my frankness, but there is no better way to put it. I am looking forward to this year, what it will bring, the changes that may occur. I’m ready for it all, the good and the bad.

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We brought in the new year with my parents and some good friends, it was a relaxed evening and lasted well into the night. Like all New Year’s Eves in the past I drank too much, I’m not sure when I will ever mature past getting a little drunk on New Year’s eve. Considering the fact that my mother was by my side, glass in hand, the whole night, I don’t think I ever will! Starting every new year with a hangover isn’t ideal, but at least it is a good excuse to lay low on the first day of the year.


We made a big dinner, tried for the lentils and cotechino, but ended up only eating a spoonful of lentils before bed for good luck and I am sorry to say that the cotechino went in the trash. As an antipasto we made a panettone gastronimico. This is a loaf of bread made in the shape of a classic Christmas panettone, it is cut horizontally and with each level there is a different filling. I like to call it a sandwich tower, my dad more appropriately calls it a Dagwood sandwich.


You can fill them with anything and many delis in Milan willl sell their own filled panettone, prices varying anywhere from €30 to €100. We didn’t go too crazy with ours, our first layer was classic with anchovies and butter; the 2nd prosciutto crudo and porcini cream cheese; the 3rd ricotta, prosciutto crudo and arugula; the 4th a tuna pâté with arugula; and the last with prosciutto cotto and grainy mustard, my daughter’s favorite.

Happy 2014 and lots of new recipes to come!

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2 Responses to “Panettone Gastronomico”

  1. Wow! That looks great for a party!

  2. The non gluten eater in me is drooling. This looks fantastic and so much fun to make and eat!

    I wish you lots of sunshine and happiness in 2014.

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