Merano / Meran, Alto Adige / Südtirol


This past week we took a little excursion to Merano in Alto Adige. I have been to the Italian alps before, in Cortina d’Apezzo, with my host family when I was 16. I thought it was beautiful, had never seen mountains like them before, but at that age I didn’t understand a lick about food, only what tasted good and what didn’t. Of course Cortina d’Apezzo is in the Veneto and therefore in the Italian part of Italy, whereas Alto Adige, though politically a part of Italy, it is culturally Austrian. It was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the end of the first world war in 1919 when it was annexed as a part of Italy.

IMG_8698 IMG_8693

Bolzano, the provincial capital is number one in Italy for quality of life. Every city that follows is unfortunately in Northern Italy, and I believe Taranto and Naples are contesting for last place, not a great reflection on where we live. It may be a factor of the close proximity to the rest of Europe, or their Austrian roots, not that the Austrians have set the best example in the past, maybe for order, not for civility, but you can sense that life isn’t as bitter up there as it is for people down here. More jobs, less pollution and certainly less corruption.

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The towns in Alto Adige are famous for their Christmas markets at this time of year, I can’t say thay I am too interested in Christmas tchotchkes, but I did enjoy seeing the edible goods that people were selling. Strudel, cheeses, vin brulé and speck, a lot of speck, my new favorite pork product.

IMG_8759 IMG_8760

We had one of our meals from one of the stands at the Christmas market in Vipiteno. A sandwich with prosciutto del contadino, farmer’s ham, which was cut into thick slices and seared on a griddle and served with sauerkraut and mustard, paired with hot apple cider, it was delicious.

IMG_8860 IMG_8883 IMG_8881 IMG_8862

The canederli or knödel were really interesting, they came baked with a few of our meals and we ordered them for lunch one day in a meat broth, which is how they are typically served. They are a dumpling made with stale bread, mixed with speck or cheese, whatever is at hand. There is a great use for stale bread in every part of Italy,  never let a thing go to waste. We also tried buckwheat spaetzle, which were delicious and a lot like orecchiette so my daughter veered for a moment from her patatine fritte (french fries) and had a few bites of something new.

My husband was most excited about the stinco di maiale, which is a pork knuckle, and he ate the pork plate at almost every meal. I tried it, loved the sauerkraut, and even though I didn’t order the pork plate every night, I was seriously craving some veggies by the time we left. Our last meal was at Sigmund restaurant, which was very elegant, I ordered veal cheeks with polenta and scamorza affumicata, delicious. My husband, the pork plate and my daughter, le patatine fritte.


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2 Responses to “Merano / Meran, Alto Adige / Südtirol”

  1. Yes, they are certainly warmer and more engaging, absolutely. There was a bit too much meat for me too, thank you though, I am happy that you enjoy my posts.

  2. I always enjoy your posts — interesting observations, good food, fine photos. This one was intriguing, though no longer mouth-watering as a mostly-vegan. Your insights on quality of life vs. the south must have some validity, but just from the pictures, I still imagine that the people of southern Italy are warmer and more engaging.

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