a walk in the country

It has been a long week, the weather has been abysmal, cold, wind and rain. Italy has essentially shut down on account of the protests that the truck drivers have been holding against the high gas prices and the costs of the autostrade. There hasn’t been gas at the gas stations, limiting everyone’s mobility, no milk delivered to the grocery stores, and in the town where my mother-in-law lives, they ran out of toilet paper. Classic.

My biggest complaint in all of this… being imprisoned in a 5 star hotel with an active 2 year old.

Roll your eyes all you want, but being being stuck anywhere in bad weather with a 2 year old is pure hell. She has been behaving, enjoying our leisurely breakfasts in the hotel’s cafè, eating delicious freshly made pastries, yogurt and fresh fruit while getting loads of attention from the staff and guests. Our new routine is a bit dull for me, but all very new to her. Little walks around the lounges of the hotel, returning to our room, coloring, reading, watching Kipper the dog on my computer, peanut butter sandwich, pear and then a nap.

Routines work for kids, she’s only behaving badly sometimes, the real problem with this isolation is me. I am bored out of my mind. I have the internet and Anna Karenina to keep me entertained, but it just isn’t enough, I need other humans, someone to talk to and laugh with. I need to see something other than these 4 walls. They say that the protests are over, that there will be gas again and it is Friday, so if we are stuck here tomorrow, at least my husband will be stuck with us.

Today was a beautiful day, cold and windy, but no rain. Despite the cutting winds, I decided that we should take a walk on the dirt roads that lead from the hotel into the countryside. We have taken this walk before, when the weather was more forgiving, picking flowers and observing the rocks, stones, olives and almonds that we found along the way. We didn’t make it all the way to the hot springs near the mar piccolo, but considering the fact that we didn’t have a stroller and my daughter is only two, we made it pretty far, just the two of us.

The land is rugged and arid, wild and beautiful. I love this landscape, can’t wait for the next sunny day to take our trek just a little farther.

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3 Responses to “a walk in the country”

  1. Yes, being trapped with a two year old is hell. On the other hand, it almost doesn’t matter where you are, so it might be just as bad back in the US. Getting outside as much as possible is usually the best way even if the weather isn’t perfect. You’ll both get through this.

  2. I can certainly sympathize but there are worse places to get stuck, lol! Think of it as an opportunity to learn. Situations like this one teach us patience.

  3. The country looks incredible. I love the green green grass and blue blue skies and that shot of the ending train tracks is amazing. Hang in there! (At least you have toilet paper.)

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