Relais Histò

Here we are, finally arrived at the first stop of our new adventure. It seems like only yesterday that we were even talking about Puglia and all of a sudden we find ourselves living in a luxurious hotel, like Eloise, trying to find a little permanence in this arid land. To say it is beautiful here is an understatement, we are spoiled by a small paradise outside of Taranto, which is far from paradise itself, at la Masseria San Pietro which houses the luxurious hotel and spa Relais Histò. A reality I never quite imagined for myself.

I’m not really sure how Eloise’s parents did it, living in the tippy top of the Plaza, she must have been a very well behaved little girl (I have to admit I am not familiar with these books, she may have been a terror). I say this because as luxurious this hotel is, how fabulous every meal has been (more on that later). The no fun part of it all is doing it with a 2 year old.

I think she is having a blast, she has her own little room off of our room which she loves. The staff has all become putty in her perfect little hands, surprised her with her very own, very pink, birthday cake on Sunday morning, she still hasn’t stopped talking about it! The grounds of the hotel are wonderful and there is ample space for her to run around, picking up pebbles and olives from the ground, wild flowers growing on the side of the road, it is all new to her and magical. How could it not be, it is purely majestic!

I look forward to the weekend when papà can take the bambina and mamma can go and relax in the thermal baths…..ahhhhh

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2 Responses to “Relais Histò”

  1. Beautiful, Jenny! Miss you but happy you’re in paradise. It’s blizzarding in Chicago 🙂 Think I’m going to make one of your recipes and get cozy in doors.

  2. Very very beautiful there…good luck in your new adventure. We in Charleston will miss you, but will look forward to your continued postings and cooking insights!

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