Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market

The Mount Pleasant farmers market at Moultrie Middle School was under construction for most of last season and I never had the chance to pay it a visit until this season and I am so glad that I did. It is how a market should be, there are a number of local vendors selling produce, grass fed meats and eggs, seafood, pickles and jams, as well as a number of stands selling hot prepared foods. The produce is abundant and beautiful and I have come home each time with beautiful fruits and vegetables and some extra money leftover as well.

I have been to the Marion Square Farmers Market a few times this season and have the same gripes with it that I had last year, there are more stands selling doo-dads and crafts than fruits and vegetables, the few stands that they have are picked over (though that  may have to with the fact that I can’t get myself there before 11:00AM) and it is clogged, clogged clogged. So many people meandering through the stands under the hot sun, let’s just say that it takes a lot of the joy out of my trips to the market.

Living in West Ashley the Marion Square Market is the closest market to where we live, though a trip over the Ravanel Bridge is a pleasurable weekly pilgrimage. I was loyal to the Daniel Island farmers market all last season, and as lovely a little market as it was, I probably won’t be visiting it too often these days unless I happen to be visiting friends on a Thursday. Daniel Island is quite the trip, I didn’t realize how isolated and far away from everything we really were living on that island until we moved. Now instead of driving for 15 to 20 minutes to get anywhere, we’ve reduced that to 5 to 10 minutes, that is unless we are going to Daniel Island.

I can’t tell if this is a particularly fruitful season, if it has to do with the long season when the markets are closed, or maybe the farmers are showing their best at the Mt. Pleasant market, but I am totally sold on it. I also love the fact that it is held at a middle school and opens when the last bell rings, even though the kids aren’t lining up for zucchini, they will at least know what one is by the time they get to high school, one more step towards Jamie’s food revolution, we’re trying to work on that in South Carolina as well.

One Year Ago: Ziti with Asparagus and Flounder & Frittata di Patate

~ by italicious on May 20, 2010.

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