Daniel Island Farmers Market


Daniel Island Farmers Market

Peppers and Cucumbers

I feel so lucky to have a Farmers Market that I can walk or ride my bike to. Living on this perfect island without a car I have been pretty isolated from the rest of the world, a feeling that I am not used to, nor am I crazy about it after spending the past 10 years in cities and countries where you can depend on your feet and public transportation to get you around. Suburban life is definitely not for this city mouse, but it is where I find myself now and at least there are Thursday afternoons to look forward to. 

corn on the cob tomatoes eggplant watermelons

There are a number of different vendors at the Daniel Island Farmers Market, it isn’t as big as the Marion Square market, but it serves me well and it is nice that there aren’t any crowds or tourists clogging it up. Most of the vendors are local, from John’s Island to North McClellanville to the closest at Boone Hall off of Long Point Road and Highway 17.  There are a few organic vendors, whose produce is incredible, but priced like caviar and the lesser expensive, non-organic farmers who are equally as good in flavor. I try to spread my dollar and buy a few things from each vendor, doing my best to avoid anything grown outside of the State of South Carolina. 

Daniel Island Farmers Market


The peaches and blueberries have kept me very happy these past few weeks, and my husband has been raving about the sweet corn. There are also a number of other vendors who come out each week selling everything from potted herbs, pickles, pies, boiled peanuts to baby cloths and sweetgrass baskets.  

I’m not sure how long the season is for this market, but I look forward to taking advantage of local veggies at least until November. 

purple beans

eggplants and maters

Daniel Island Farmer's Market

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  1. What’s for dinner?

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