Grilled Sausages

grilled sausages

My husband and I finally broke down and bought a grill, we finally have a balcony where we won’t burn buildings down or get complaints from our neighbors for all of the smoke. We bought a tiny little grill which is perfect for the two of us and after inaugurating it, I am so happy that we did.

grilled sausages grilled sausages

Of course there isn’t any recipe for grilled meat, unless there is a marinade involved, so no recipe today, I just couldn’t resist sharing with the world the delight of finally owning a grill, a first for me and a long time waiting for my husband. I’ll work on more interesting things to do on the grill, fish and veggies, for a future date.

Please don’t ask what happened to the little steak on the grill, my husband likes his meat well done (gross) and he burnt the poor thing to a crisp.

grilled sausages with roasted sweet potatoes and sautéed cime di rape

~ by italicious on May 11, 2009.

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