La Sicilia III

arancini di riso

Italy is a wonderful place for hand-food, pizza a taglio and supplì in Rome, crochette di patate and pizze fritte in Naples, farinata and focaccia al formaggio in Genova, panzerotti in Puglia, the list goes on an on. In Sicily they have arancini di riso (rice oranges) and these wonderful breads filled with ham and vegetables, I wish I knew what they were called.

arancino con la carne arancino di mozzarella

Arancini are either filled with a ragù of meat and peas, which is the classic arancino, or they are filled with cheese. We had a lunch of arancini when we went to see the Greek Temples and tried both kinds. Even though I am not a fan of peas, I liked the classic kind better, the tomato sauce cut the starchiness of the rice, with the cheese just making it heavier.


These stuffed breads were filled with ham, tomatoes and artichokes in one of them, and spinach in the other. We went to the bakery close to our bed and breakfast to pick up some lunch for the drive back to Rome and found these.  The dough is the same as regular Sicilian loaves of bread, filled with different ingredients and folded over to form a pocket. The bread is a little bit sweet, which is lovely with the saltiness of the ham and tomato. If anyone knows the name of these, please send me a comment, I should have asked the Baker.

p1060982 p1060983

arancino di carne

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  1. This all looks so delicious and reminds me of food I grew up with!!

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