Marco’s in Riviera di Chiaia, Napoli

As if doppia pizza hadn’t been enough the day before, we were invited to lunch on Sunday for our friend Giuseppe’s birthday. When it comes to celebrations, like most Italians, Neapolitans really know how to throw down. The restaurant, Marco’s Osteria Vineria, in the Riviera di Chiaia, a very posh neighborhood in Naples next to the Villa Pignatelli.

There isn’t really any need for description here, the photos say it all, course by course.


The antipasti were the best part, I could create entire meals out of appetizers, like Cher’s character in the movie Mermaids. Too many? No no, 6 weren’t too many, I was waiting for the 7th to arrive!


The pasta samplings were alla surf’n’turf that you find in most Florida restaurants, only better.


I would have stuck to the frittura di calamari at the end, the veal was tasty, but didn’t make my mouth sing.

Needless to say by the time we got back to Rome at 10:00 on Sunday night neither of us were hungry.

~ by italicious on October 21, 2008.

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