Pizza for Lunch and Pizza for Dinner

My husband and I were in Naples this weekend and met up for lunch with an old friend of his for a pizza near Piazza Gesù in the Historic Center of Naples, same hole in the wall where his grandparents would meet when they were dating in the 1930’s, the Pizzeria Giuliano.

As everyone should know, pizza was invented in Naples and it is king. There is an association, Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana which safeguards and promotes the culture of the real Neapolitan pizza worldwide. My husband has a hard time eating the pizza that they make in the rest of Italy, paper-thin, currently very popular in the US. I couldn’t help but get corrupted by his pizza snobbery and secretly turn my nose up when presented with the table-water crackers that they call pizza here in Rome.

We all ordered a croquette di patate, which is a fried potato croquette and a typical antipasto for pizza along with a long list of Neapolitan frittura, followed by a margherita and a beer. The margherita was perfectly burnt in some places, creating a very complex flavor with the perfect amount of fior di latte and a sprig of basil on top. They don’t use mozzarella di bufala on pizza, like most people think, because it is too watery and would make the pizza too soggy. The cheese that they use is called fior di latte, which is a similar fresh cheese, but made from cow’s milk, not buffalo milk.

Leaving the pizzeria with a full belly and ready for a caffè I didn’t feel the pizza on my stomach (as the Italians say, sullo stomaco), but was perfectly satiated. Of course I didn’t realize that a few hours later we would get together with the family to go out for yet another pizza!!

No complaints and it certainly wasn’t the first time that I dined exclusively on pizza.

~ by italicious on October 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “Pizza for Lunch and Pizza for Dinner”

  1. Pizza is always a perfect lunch or dinner. Eating pizza for my lunch and dinner? I haven’t try it though but those pizza made me want to order right away and treat myself for a pizza snack, it’s been a while since the last time I ate a pizza because of my diet program. And I too will not complain if I’ll be eating a delicious pizza like that and will just do extra minutes on the treadmill afterwards. Anyway, I have learned a lot from your blog today, I discovered something’s that I didn’t know until today. I’m glad I bump into your blog. Thanks for posting them.


  2. mmmm…sign me up for the pizza class! (you two better plan on having one!) and congrats on the the blog it’s really fantastic! love!

  3. Thin but not too thin, cheese but not too much? Amazing.

  4. This is making my mouth water and my eyes tear up, that’s how much I love pizza. In fact I am dining exclusively on pizza today. As I did yesterday, if you don’t count that pesky smoothie.

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